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1880 Macon County, Illinois Census for Milan Township page 12.   110-110 taken June 12, 1880.  Peter Dunn age 48, wife Mary age 43, children all born in Illinois: John age 20, Mary age 18, William age 17, Lewis B. age 14, Lizzie A. age 12, Katie M. age 9, Annie T. age 6 and Nellie M. age 3.  SEE:  Sacred Heart Church in Dalton City, Illinois.  Peter Dunn donated one of the stained glass windows in Sacred Heart Church.  Most of his children were married in this church.  You can follow the links to St. Isidore Cemetery in Bethany, Illinois.

Note:  A John Dunn age 19 was living with Patrick Henneberry in Moultrie County census for 1880.  A Peter Dunn age 24 was living with the William Dedman family in the same Moultrie County 1880 census.   This should be the same Peter Dunn who married Mary Nolan.

Notes on marriages: Four members of the Dunn family married into the Nolan family.

    1880 census.  Taken June 3, 1880. # 58-58.   James Nolan age 52 born in Co. Tipperary; Anna K age 48 born
        in Co. Tipperary;
Patrick age 20; Maggie age 18; James age 16; Ella age 14; John age 12; Michael age 10.
        All children born in Illinois.

        # 122-122.  Edward Nolan age 47 born in Ireland; Catherine age 45 born in Ireland.  John age 15;
        Mary A. age 13; Elizabeth age 11; Maggie age 8.  All children born in Illinois. 

        St. Isidore Cemetery:   Edmond Nolan; 1834-1919.  Catherine; 1834-1915.

    1870 census Moultrie County, Town of Dora taken July 28, 1870.  #127-125.  James Nolan age 42;
        Ann age 39; Richard age 16 born in Ohio;
Mary age 13; Katie age 11; Patrick age 9; Maggie age 8;
        James age 6; Ellen age 4; John age 2; Michael age 4 months.

    1860 census Moultrie County, Township 14 R4E taken July 13, 1860.  #645-646.  James Nolan age 30;
        Ann age 30; Richard age 6; James M. age 4; Mary age 3; Catherine age 1.

    St. Isidore Cemetery:  James Nolan died Feb. 18, 1911, age 83 years.

Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1850

Dunn, Peter State : IL     County : Du Page Co.

Location : Bloomingdale    Year : 1850    Page # : 091

Dunn, Peter State : IL    County : La Salle Co.

Location : Freedom    Year : 1850    Page # : 368

Dunn, Peter State : IL    County : Peoria Co.

Location : Peoria    Year : 1850    Page # : 135

Dunn, Peter State : IL    County : St. Clair Co.

Location : Centreville    Year : 1850    Page # : 393

Dunn, William State : IL    County : Monroe Co.

Location : Prairie Du Long Prect    Year : 1850    Page # : 015

Dunn, William State : IL    County : Peoria Co.

Location : Peoria    Year : 1850    Page # : 135


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