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                 Children of Peter Dunn and Mary Dempsey Dunn  

Lewis B. Dunn Anna T. Dunn & John Henneberry

Elizabeth Dunn Mary Henrietta (Minnie) Dunn
Nellie Dunn Homer, Vera & Aimee Dunn
Grandchildren of Peter & Mary

WILLIAM P. DUNN, b. 1864, Milam Township, Macon County, Illinois; d. April 1915, Decatur, Illinois; m. ELLEN NOLAN, February 15, 1898, Sacred Heart Church, Dalton City, Illinois; b. Dalton City, Illinois; d. 1900.



Children of Peter Dunn and Mary Dempsey Dunn:

John J. Dunn age 27 married Maggie T. Nolan age 23 on May 31, 1886 in Dora Township. Maggie died in 1888.  John Dunn age 37 married Catherine Hughes age 29 on Jan. 11, 1898 in Dalton City.   Second wife of John.  One son, died without children.
Mary H. Dunn age 25 married Patrick F. Nolan on Feb. 22, 1887 in Dora Township.
William P. Dunn age 32 married Ellen E. Nolan age 27 on Feb. 15, 1898 in Dalton City.  No children.
Lewis B. Dunn age 28 married Lizzie Henneberry age 23 on Nov. 29, 1893 in Dalton City.  Three children.
Lizzie Dunn age 23 married Thomas McGowan age 29 on Oct. 19, 1892 in Dalton City.  Lizzie: Dec. 8, 1870-April 14, 1919. Thomas: Nov. 27, 1881-Aug. 20, 1948.  Six children.
Katie Dunn died May 7, 1893 of typhoid malaria.  No children.
Anna T. Dunn age 22 married John Henneberry age 25 on April 30, 1895 in Dalton City.  Seven children.
Nellie Dunn age 21 married Michael McCarthy age 26 on Oct. 20, 1897 in Dalton City.


Anna Teresa Dunn (1883-1957).  Daughter of Peter Dunn and Mary Ann Nolan.  Married William Kinney.



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